INNORAPID was Honored “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Rating”!


We are proud to announce that INNORAPID LIMITED (with brand RPWORLD®) was honored “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Rating” in 2020! It was the recognition for the credit construction and comprehensive strengths of INNORAPID LIMITED.

AAA Credit System is identified by the independent third-party rating agency, authorized by Chinese Authority, that collects, investigates, and verifies the company’s credit information in detail. The company’s credit record, state of operation, financial status and development are stringently standardized and assessed, and we are delighted to pass through the stringent and complex assessment and identification, and eventually honored “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Rating”, which is the top credit rating honor of the assessment. The honor presents that INNORAPID has good credit management, strong credit capability, healthy development trend and comprehensive capabilities as the leading company of the industry.

INNORAPID LIMITED was honored certificates in ‘Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Rating’

Honor confirms the strengths and also bears responsibility. INNORAPID being granted the honor is a well-recognized for the company strengths and reputation, and provides assurance of our credit and service for customers. Bearing the honors, RPWORLD will continue to put customers first and help them make their products ideas into reality.

The company’s credit is often inextricably linked to products quality and services. Adhering to the principle of “Under Promise Over Deliver”, INNORAPID always offers the one-stop manufacturing services from prototyping, rapid tooling to production tooling for R&D customers along their products development cycle, and helps them realize cost-efficient manufacturing and accelerate products to market.