Inspect Faster & More Accurately—RPWORLD Upgraded Inspection Capability Again


RPWORLD tends the development of automation, intelligence and digitalization, and is dedicated to providing high-mix, low-volume manufacturing service with high efficiency, high accuracy and consistent stability. That’s why the manufacturing processes and inspection technologies of RPWORLD has accompanied by continuous iterative innovation of technologies and rapid equipment upgrades. Recently, RPWORLD inspection capability for low-volume parts has upgraded once again by adding Flash Measuring Machine. The measuring machine provides batch products with efficient & accurate full-scale dimensional measurement and instant reporting, which will be of great help to ensure all your parts could be fully inspected with tighter tolerance and shorter lead time.

Just like its name, Flash Measuring Machine is easy to operate, measures full-scale parameters of parts within field in seconds. Based on visual measurement principle with precision image analysis algorithms, the machine uses double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field, achieving fast dimensional measurement for volume parts by simple operation. The typical inspection instrument of the past—like hand gauge or automatic image measuring instrument—is time-consuming and less efficient in inspection, increasing the delivery dates. The new metrology machine offers benefits that include:

By introducing the measuring machine, RPWORLD has further upgraded the manufacturing link and quality control inspection in terms of lead time and parameters accuracy. At RPWORLD, the strict quality control links, and advanced testing and metrology instruments are applied throughout the manufacturing process. The new measuring machine would be able to play an important role in our First Article Inspection and Outgoing Quality Control to inspect the products are within the tight tolerance.