Design for manufacturing (also sometimes known as design for manufacturability or DFM) is the general engineering practice of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. At RPWORLD, our professional DFM service describes the process of designing or engineering a product in order to facilitate the manufacturing process with the purpose of reducing manufacturing costs, accelerating production time and improving products quality.


Professional Engineer Team

Professional Sales Support Engineer Team
servingall our clientsto optimize theirdesigns
formanufactur ability and assemblability

Make the Products Gointc Market Earlier

Significative proposals through the entire project
cycle, not only solving the current problems,
but also paying more attention to subsequent
batches production and mass production,
which could help customers save time.

Rich Experience

Rich projects and processing experence
to help customers avoid risks effectively
from the source.

Save Development Costs

Consistent recommendationsof the most 
suitable solution to help customers save costs.

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Production Support for a Medical Company in Europe

RPWORLD supports a fast developing medical company in Europe from prototype to customized production for the high class eye diagnostics device…

What is DFMA?

DFMA is designed to ensure product design at lower cost, shorter time and higher quality by improving product manufacturability and assimilability on the premise of taking product …

Design Tips for Clips

The client asked for design with no screws, so we chose clips, however, the clip hook was broken during drop testing, what should we do?Learn how to design proper clips…


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