At RPWORLD, quality control is a paramount component of manufacturing process. To provide great and consistent quality as you expect, RPWORLD performs the stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process and equips state-of-the-art inspection machines operating by highly skilled technicians. RPWORLD quality control brings you with higher quality and full dimensional reports to meet your requirements.

Specialized Inspection Team

A highly skilled inspection team with expertise is necessary to ensure the rapid and accurate inspection. By using the advanced inspection machines, RPWORLD inspection team with years’ experience and expertise carefully inspect the part parameters, striving to meet clients’ needs on higher accuracy and more complex geometries.

The quality assurance and risk control at RPWORLD can be found throughout the entire manufacturing process, including the in-depth DFM analysis to reduce the manufacturing risks, incoming materials inspection to ensure quality from the beginning and the multiple inspections during manufacturing. Plus, our traceability system is a great support for the quality control of digital manufacturing.

A handy tool makes a handy man. As a fundamental component of quality initiatives, RPWORLD is continued investing in state-of-the-art quality inspection equipment to perform our extensive range of quality testing and inspections. The investment in inspection equipment further ensures parts quality and conformity. More inspection equipment information is listed specifically.

What're Your Benefits from RPWORLD Quality Control?

ln-depth & Free DFM Analysis

Offering free DFM analysis for every order to help
eliminate costly redesigns,save development time, and accelerate products to market.


Providing Certificate of Conformance, FAI reports, and full dimensional reports for you reviews to meet your critical specifications.

Consistent High-quality Parts

Ensuring the high-quality parts with stability and
consistency every time and every order, making
it easier for your product development.

Short Lead Time

The advanced quality inspection combined with
expert inspection technicians accelerates the
inspection efficiency, further shortening the
lead times by 20%.

DFM Analysis Before Production Begins.

RPWORLD is committed to delivering consistent high quality parts. The quality control system begins with DFM analysis, even before the manufacturing starts. This helps to optimize part design, reduce costly rework and manufacturing risks.

The stringent quality control are present throughout the entire manufacturing process at RPWORLD.

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