A company well-known for superior analytical instruments and laboratory equipment opted for RPWORLD to produce 100 units assembly parts of a Spectrometer per order, the total demand is 400 sets per year.


★ How to select the most suitable manufacturing processes to meet the customer’s requirements?
★ How to achieve the good surface effect and mechanical performance for the products?
★ How to guarantee high quality and meet client’s tight deadline?


Processes Chosen

• After meticulous analysis and discussion, we chose vacuum casting combined with over-molding process, for the metal parts, we use CNC machining and sheet metal process.
• Internal copper painting for EMC.

Material Selection

• ABS performance Polyurethane Resin, PC,TPE
• Rubber to be over-molded
• Stainless steel, aluminum

Production Schedule

• Rapid prototyping and testing7 days
• Silicon mold manufacturing and testing3 days
• 100 units replication by urethane casting15 days
• After-treatment by specialist5 days
• Total30 days


√ Lead time was reduced by 50%, 100 units were delivered in 30 days.
√ Production cost was 70%~80% less than traditional tooling solution.
√ All the production, after-treatment and pre-assembly were done by only one suppli er -RPWORLD, which greatly reduced project risks.
√ Close communication and professional coordination ability ensured the high quality and on-time product launching.
√ Long-term product development partnership with RPWORLD established.


The characteristics of RPWORLD are good quality, delivery on time, good technical knowledge of employees and fair prices. So RPWORLD became our preferred supplier for our new product development projects.
— Product Development Manager